Stuck Pipe Prevention

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This is awareness course to define the root causes of stuck pipe which lead to high capital cost waste, also what is the precautions must be taking into consideration to prevent the stuck.
Course is designed to help recognizing the benefits of conditioning drilling mud parameters in all operation specially in the directional drilling.
Methodology of stuck prevention will be illustrated in work shop and case studies.


Upon the completion of stuck pipe course; successful participant will be able to:
• Understand Impact of stuck pipe as a significant cause of lost time incidents and related costs.
• Identify warning signals of potential stuck pipe incidents or hole problems.
• Describe stuck pipe root causes.

• Identify the mechanical equipment used to free stuck pipe.
• Describe the operations to free stuck pipe and working on the drill string.
• Identify stuck pipe prevention techniques.

To understand the method of stuck pipe prevention and avoid wasting money while freeing tubular.

Course material
All participants are issued training manuals and hand-outs.

Course certificate
Course participants who successfully complete the course and score 70% or higher in the final exam are issued a certificate of completion.

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