Drilling Technology



Drilling Technology course is designed to fulfill the needs for all green hands derrick, roughneck, Completion crew and nontechnical employees to understand the main concepts of downstream, upstream and production phase in the oil industry.
The curriculum will provide delegates with the necessary data about every single phase of the oil and gas industry.
Some case studies about the industry will be illustrated with safety flashes and what is the challenges of safe operation and procedures.
Course will help to provide a sufficient data regarding drilling and completion phases.


Drilling technology course will help to teach successful participant show to demonstrate understanding of: -
• Basic geological terminologies
• Upstream phase on oil and gas industry
• Downstream phase in the Oil and gas industry
• Component of drilling rigs
• Main function of drilling fluid
• Drilling operation techniques
• Basics of well control methodology
• Difference between drilling and completion operations
• Main concept of directional drilling
• Tubular design concepts
• Recognize the main function of each tubular components


Familiarization of general upstream and downstream sections of Oil & Gas industry for technical and nontechnical employees

A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the course. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of

Course materials
All participants are issued training manuals and hand-outs.

Course certificate
Course participants who successfully complete the course and score 70% or higher in the final exam are issued a certificate of completion.