IADC Well Sharp Supervisor Level ,(IADC)

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Well control course to demonstrate the pressure control techniques for the rotary drilling operation with the safe drilling practice and well barrier methodology. Course is designed to illustrate all details about well control with case studies and simulations for both drillers and supervisors to fulfill the requirements of international association for drilling contractor IADC, the course is updated with the HSE well control philosophy and barriers characteristics. Applicant attending this course will be familiar with drilling simulator operation and procedures for SCR’s determination, gauges function, panels, line up and drilling parameters monitoring, more over the formulas and simple calculations of hydrostatic pressure and capacity calculations.

IADC well sharp supervisor level course will be operationally detailed from the perspective of preventing kick and killing well.

Drilling mud additives and beneficial of conditioning mud parameters for safe operation is part of the course target.

For well sharp introductory level, attendees will participate in work shop to be able to identify the working area hazards to keep the safe operation by going through the simple approach of risk assessment and preventive actions prior job commencement.


IADC well sharp program will help to teach successful students how to demonstrate understanding of:-
• Some geological terminologies
• Well control principles
• All Drilling parameters and how to measure it
• Bottom hole pressure in the static and dynamic mood
• Underbalance and overbalance drilling operation
• Calculations of bottom hole pressure in the drilling and tripping operations
• Leak off test procedures
• Stripping operations
• How to compensate for the disconnection of risers
• Dynamic gas profiling
• Shut in methods in details with simulations exercises
• Killing the well with the drillers, W&W and volumetric method
• How to describe in details on the simulator how to start your drilling operations, calculate SCR’s, shut in the well and killing procedures

• Methodology of killing and maintain only one influx on after shut in.
• How to monitor the gauges and how to recognize any well control problems
• How to describe with case studies and incidents the barrier methodology and minimum barrier requirements.


To understand the well control and well integrity methodology by monitoring the barriers

Simulator Exam.
3 hours’ online exam including P&P and equipment, every student will have a password and user name to be able to access the test.

Course material
All participants are issued training manuals, exercise sheets and handouts.

Course certificates
Successful participant will receive IADC well sharp certificate and Card.

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