Simultaneous Operation System (SIMOPS) , IADC



During day to day operations in Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling industry employees perform Simultaneous (drilling / work over) Operations.

This Course is designed to give Oil & Gas Drilling employees the basic knowledge needed while performing SIMOPS.

It also provides some basic modifications to the normal Drilling / Work Over operations plans and routine maintenance schedule to suit SIMOPS conditions.


SIMOPS Course is designed to teach participants:

  • Definition of SIMOPS and related terminologies.
  • Hazards associated with SIMOPS.
  • Controls to be applied during SIMOPS to eliminate / reduce hazards.
  • Modifications in routine organization in case of SIMOPS.
  • Modifications in Emergency organization in case of SIMOPS.
  • Extra rules for key persons during SIMOPS.


This course covers

  • SIMOPS hazards.
  • SIMOPS activity matrix.
  • Emergency response.
  • Duties of key persons of SIMOPS.

Practical exercise

Participants will demonstrate the suitable response in SIMOPS routine and/or emergency conditions through workshop activities during the course.

Target Audience

All supervisory level employees in Oil & Gas drilling companies are advised to attend SIMOPS course.


A multiple choice test will be held at the end of the course, answers will be discussed to assure complete understanding of the requested knowledge.