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5-S is an integral part of the Lean Healthcare process which promotes "A Place for Everything and Everything is in its Place". The 5-S's are Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. When 5-S is performed as the first step of a Lean Healthcare effort, processes become more visible and identified "waste" is cleaned out.

The 5S training provides a mindset and a checklist for the delegates to take back and implement in their work place. Delegates should see immediate applications to improve the quality of their work place.


The training is conducted in a workshop fashion and is based with large capacity of daily sessions include formal presentation, interspersed with directed discussion.

The interactive tutorials are partially based on exercises that give delegates a wide understanding of impact of housekeeping on health and safety of patients and employees in healthcare and the benefits of monetary saving in implementing 5-S program.



By the end of 5-S Housekeeping in Healthcarecourse participants will be able to:

  • Understand the broad meaning of housekeeping.

  • Understand the benefits of housekeeping.

  • Understand the concept of 5S.

  • Recognize the hazard associated with bad housekeeping.

  • Observe of proper waste disposal (biological or nun biological).

  • Follow an effective safety precautions during work.

  • Perform consistent cleaning of all areas in hospitals.

  • Provide a visible management system.

  • Understand the importance of cleaning, sorting and arranging tools and materials in the work place.

  • Improve the quality of their work by reducing the chances for mistakes.

  • Improve their personal commitment to the work they do.

  • Contributes to "how we feel" about our service, our facility, and ourselves.

  • Recapturing valuable floor space and minimizing overhead costs.

  • Reduce waste.

  • Improve efficiency.



This course covers:

  • 5-S Introduction.
  • Application of 5-S program.
  • Integrating with the Healthcare Safety System.
  • Implementing 5S.



Target Audience:

This training is useful for nurses, general operators, maintenance team, safety practitioners and everyone involved in the organization. Healthcare-wide approach is the best for maximum benefit.



A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the program. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.


Course Materials:

All participants are issued a Training Manual (Student Guide).


Course Completion Certificate:

Program participants who successfully complete the course are issued a certificate of completion.

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