Hospitals Emergency Color Codes , OSHA

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Hospitals in general are committed to safe, quality health care for their communities. One way to promote safety and reduce harm is to standardize emergency code calls in hospitals;

The purpose of hospitals emergency code calls is to communicate an emergency quickly and to mobilize expert assistance. Unless physicians and staff are well aware and versed with a standardized emergency code designation, it is easy to become confused and use the wrong code in an emergency. This has resulted in harm to patients in hospitals in many locations worldwide.

This training program is workshop-based with large capacity of training aid materials and practical sessions; customized to the needs of the audience, providing meaningful experience to practically assess and develop an Emergency Color Codes system in hospitals to reduce confusion and hence wrong response in case of emergency.



By the end of Hospitals Emergency Color Codes Course participants will:

  • Be able to distinguish between the nine standardized emergency codes.
  • Demonstrate efficiency in analyzing the components of each emergency code.
  • Harness safety as a relationship for engagement.
  • Develop a synchronized collaboration with various individuals and groups for efficient response.
  • Attain confidence in developing credible scenarios and practicing drills.
  • Have the potential to detect deficiency in the program/system and suggest remedies.
  • Apply structured and systematic intervention techniques for developing Hospitals Emergency Color Codes program.



This course covers:

  • Background on the code.
  • Impact of emergencies on hospitals and health cares.
  • Effectiveness of systematic and standardized emergency code.
  • Code Red – Fire.
  • Code Blue –Cardiopulmonary Arrest.
  • Code Orange – Hazardous Materials Spill or Release.
  • Code Gray – Combative Person.
  • Code Silver – Person with A Weapon or Hostage Situation.
  • Code Amber - Alert, Infant or Child Abduction.
  • Code External Triage –External Disaster.
  • Code Internal Triage – Internal Emergency.
  • Code Rapid Response Team.
  • Code “Name” Clear – Clear Code.
  • Keys to a Successful Implementation.


Target Audience:

This training is intended for all physicians, nurses, safety personnel and other employees who have responsibility for establishing and maintaining an organization with asafe environment and readiness to respond and effectively mitigate unforeseen emergencies.



A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the program. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.


Course Materials:

All participants are issued a Training Manual (Student Guide).


Course Completion Certificate:

Program participants who successfully complete the course are issued a certificate of completion.

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