Advanced Fire Fighting

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This training will provide delegates who have previously completed the Basic Fire Fighting course with advanced theoretical and practical techniques.

This course covers:
• What is Combustion.
• Causes of Fire.
• The Fire Tetrahedron.
• Ways of heat transmission.
• Fire spread through position.
• Fire development.
• Products of combustion.
• Methods of Fire Extinguishment.

Practical Exercises:
• Properly don a fire suit.
• Use portable fire extinguishers to put out class A, B, And C class fire.
• Use all-purpose nozzles for protection and putting fires out.
• Hose team advancement with team leader giving commands.
• Effectively contain a live fire.

Target Audience:
This course is suited for employees who might be assigned as member of firefighting team.

A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the program. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Course Materials:
All participants are issued a Training Manual (Student Guide).

Course Completion Certificate:
Program participants who successfully complete the course are issued a certificate of completion.

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