Drops Survey , DROPS


Dropped Object Surveys and Inspections are a key element of dropped object control and prevention management systems. Rig personnel regularly perform dropped object inspections as part of routine maintenance and operational activities.

IES offers large scale Dropped Object Survey to complement the rig dropped object prevention inspection program. The survey provide added assurances that all potential dropped object hazards are identified, assessed and recorded such that control measures and corrective actions can be recommended and implemented.

We divide the derrick into small manageable sections to help you define areas for identification. Typically ten areas / five zones are used:

Area 1: Derrick/Mast and Travelling Equipment

  • Zone1: A-Frame / Crown / Water Table.
  • Zone 2: Underside crown to Monkey Board Fingers.
  • Zone 3: Underside Monkey Board to Rig Floor.
  • Zone 4: Travelling Block / TDS / Compensator / PRS / PHM / PLS / Iron Roughneck / Guiding arms.

Area 2: Substructure

  • Zone 5: Moonpool / Cantilever / BOP Deck / Texas Deck Equipment.

Area 3: Main Deck Cranes

Crane Equipment (A-Frame / Engine Cab and Access level / Boom and Lifting Equipment).  

Area 4: Gantry Crane

Crane Equipment (Complete Crane / Pipe Handlers including Truss beams and tracks).

Area 5: Knuckle Boom Crane / Pipe Rack Crane

Crane Equipment (Complete knuckle boom crane).

Area 6: Jack House and Legs

Jack House Equipment (Top walkway to main deck) Legs.

Area 7: Raised Catwalks/Conveyors/Walkways

Raised Catwalks / Conveyors / Walkways (Catwalks and Conveyors including Riser Skates and Wireline platforms).

Area 8: Communication Masts

Mast Equipment (All Communication Masts and surrounding elevated area).

Area 9: Fixed Third Party Equipment

Fixed Third Party Equipment (Cement units / Snubbing units / Wireline units / CT Units).

Area 10: Other Areas

Any other areas identified by the OIM or shore based rig management team (For example: specific machinery spaces, mud pump room, sack store, engine room, columns, etc.).