Fire Extinguishers Survey , OSHA/NFPA 1910 Subpart L


According to NFPA in 2014, there were 1,298,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused 3,275 civilian deaths, 15,775 civilian injuries, and $11.6 billion in property damage.

  • 494,000 were structure fires, causing 2,860 civilian deaths, 13,425 civilian injuries, and $9.8 billion in property damage.
  • 193,500 were vehicle fires, causing 345 civilian fire deaths, 1,450 civilian fire injuries, and $1.5 billion in property damage.
  • 610,500 were outside and other fires, causing 70 civilian fire deaths, 900 civilian fire injuries, and $237 million in property damage.

Fires at drilling rigs are even more difficult to extinguish than regular fires due to the enormous fuel supply for the fire.  

Correct maintenance and servicing of your fire extinguishers not only gives great peace of mind, but is also a legal requirement. Fire extinguishers should be serviced once a year to conform with fire safety regulations.

Fire Extinguishers Safety Survey is conducted in rig site to identify fire safety issues and improve the safety of personnel.