Fall Protection , OSHA 1910.29

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Fall Protection course ensures that a student will receive all of the proper training pursuant to OSHAs requirement of Competent Persons for this standard 29 CFR 1926.500. This program complies with these requirements, and is a solid foundation for employers to follow up with site-specific orientation and exercises.

This training course introduces and describes the core competence and safety training requirements for personnel involved in Working at Height for offshore & onshore Oil & Gas industry.

Fall Protection Course is designed to teach participants how to:
• Identify the regulation that deals specifically with working at heights.
• Describe working at heights hazards.
• Given various situations and examples, identify fall hazards and make recommendations for correction.
• Identify equipment selection and use.
• Describe proper Anchor systems, selection of solid and reliable anchorage.
• Describe fall restraint systems, selection of equipment and correct use.
• Describe Work positioning systems, selection of equipment and correct use.
• Use energy absorbing lanyards.
• State basic emergency care skills.
• State the plan and write a JSA for safe working at heights.
• Demonstrate the proper completion of a Job Risk Assessment (JRA) and Permit To Work (PTW).
• Develop rescue plans, and test them to prove their effectiveness.
• State the rescue procedures of a fallen worker.

This course covers:
• Working at heights hazards.
• Working at heights activities.
• Working at heights emergencies.
• Rescue of a suspended, fallen worker.

Practical Exercises:
• Pre & Post inspection of fall protection equipment.
• Don a properly fitted harness and verify the fit through a lifting exercise.
• Install an anchor by work-positioning themselves at heights.

Target Audience:
All staff involved in working at heights is required to attend this training.

A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the program. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Course Materials:
All participants are issued a Training Manual (Student Guide).

Course Completion Certificate:
Program participants who successfully complete the course are issued a certificate of

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