Energy Isolation (Lockout / Tagout) , OSHA 1910.147

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Lockout/Tagout Course is designed to teach participants how to:
• State the purpose of LOTO Training.
• Describe the LOTO OSHA Standard.
• Define the LOTO acronyms.
• Explain the Energy Control Program Requirements in accordance with OSHA Standard (1910.147).
• Describe the Energy Control Procedures.
• Describe the use of Tag Out devices.
• State the elements of LOTO Programs.
• Explain the requirements of LOTO devices.
• Describe the Periodic Inspection criteria in accordance with OSHA Standard.
• State LOTO training and communication requirements.
• Describe Energy Control Application Procedures.
• State the application of LOTO devices.
• Describe the steps of LOTO devices removal.
• Define Group LOTO
• Explain the Group LOTO requirements.

This course covers:
• Why must employees be trained?
• Who does this standard apply to?
• What activities or operations are covered?
• When to use LOTO procedures.
• Core components of the energy control program.
• Employer’s obligation in establishing energy control procedures.
• What specific elements must be documents in the employer’s energy control procedures?
• Who must be retrained and how often?
• If an energy isolating device is not capable of being locked out, can the employer use a tagout system?
• What is the date after which all new machines and equipment, or all machines and equipment that undergo major repair, renovations or modification, must be equipped with energy-isolating devices capable of accepting a lockout device?
• Requirements for the use of tagout devices when lockout devices are capable of being used.
• What protective materials and hardware must be provided by the employer for isolating, securing or blocking machines or equipment from their energy sources?
• To safely apply energy control to machines or equipment (using either lockout or tagout devices), authorized employees must perform certain procedures, in a specific order. What are the sequential procedures?
• The Lockout/Tagout standard includes requirements for releasing machines or equipment that have been locked out or tagged out prior to restoring energy to the equipment and using it. Before lockout or tagout devices are removed, and energy restored, what procedures must the authorized employee follow?
• What is the unique circumstance that allows an employee other than the one who applied the lockout/tagout device to remove the device?
• What steps must the employer take if an employee, other than the one who applied the lockout/tagout device, removes the device?
• When may lockout or tagout devices be removed temporarily?
• What sequence of action must occur in the temporary removal of the lockout/tagout devices?
• Obligations of the outside contractor and the on-site employer.
• Group Lock Out Tag Out Requirements.
• Continuity of lockout or tagout protection during shift or personnel changes.

Target Audience:
Any employee who will be required to apply Lockout/Tagout system, or employees who operate or use a machine or equipment on which servicing or maintenance is being performed, or whose job requires him to work in an area in which such serving or maintenance is being performed.

A multiple-choice test is administered at the conclusion of the program. Incorrectly answered questions will be reviewed with student to ensure understanding before completion of course.

Course Materials:
All participants are issued a Training Manual (Student Guide).

Course Completion Certificate:
Program participants who successfully complete the course are issued a certificate of completion.

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