Introduction to Oil & Gas Industry



Course is designed for the new hires, management staff (HR, marketing, accountants, purchasing) to give them an overview of the oil and gas industry.
Course will give details about the nature of hydrocarbon accumulation and how oil exploration is done. 

Part of the curriculum about the EOR techniques will be briefly highlighted with details regarding drilling, completion and production phases.
Delegate will be familiar with Hierarchy of the organization, chain of commands and how to compromise between technical operation and safe procedures.

Introduction to oil industry course will help successful participants to:
• Understand what the hydrocarbon is and how we extract it.
• State the history of oil and gas industry.
• Identify the main sectors of oil and Gas industry.
• Describe the exploration and production life cycle.
• State where the oil is and how much there?
• Understand difference between NOC and service companies.
• Understand the main role of OPEC association.
• Identify main Rig components
• Understanding the supply chain work flow.

Understand the oil and gas industry main sectors and main operations for downstream, midstream and upstream sectors.

Course material
All participants are issued training manuals and hand-outs.

Course certificate
Course participants who successfully complete the course and score 70% or higher in the final exam are issued a certificate of completion.